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About The Program

Losing weight can often seem like mission impossible. Though intimidating, losing weight can benefit your body, your health, and your life in an incredible amount of ways. Breathlessness, increased sweating, snoring, fatigue, and joint pain are just some of the signs your body needs help.

Here at Anchor Medical Center in Pittsburgh, we brings together breakthrough FDA approved safe and effective medications, comprehensive laboratory testing, and expert guidance by leading experienced providers to create a truly customized, outcome-proved and achievable weight loss approach for you. You will feel good physically, emotionally, and mentally from today and for the long-term.

Treatment Plan: Minimal 3-Month Commitment

  1. Self online booking for monthly provider appointments x 3 months minimal. Each appointment is one hour in duration with charge of $100. Once you reach your weight loss goal, you may discontinue the program anytime after 3 months.
  2. In-depth discussion of the root causes of obesity is provided with you during each provider visit.
  3. Your health and well being are on us during your continuous enrollment. We provide comprehensive family medicine, urgent care, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and/or peptides therapy recommendations during your appointment.
  4. FDA approved medications prescribed and/or provided to you monthly.
  5. Comprehensive Lab work is required at initial visit, and repeat blood work may be ordered upon the medical condition.

What is the Program Offering?

1. FDA Approved Prescription Medications

  1.  Semaglutide Injection (generic of Ozempic/Wegovy)
  2.  Tirzepatide Injection (generic of Mounjaro)
  3.  Phentermine (Generic of Adipex-p)
  4.  Contrave (naltrexone-bupropion)
  5.  Qsymia (phentermine-topiramate)

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2. Fat-Burning Nutritional Injections

  1. Vitamin B12 injections
  2. Vitamin D injections
  3. MICC injections
  4. Lipo Stat Fat Burning Injections
  5. Glutathion injections
  6. Sermorelin (Growth Hormone Peptides) injections

3. Diet Plan and Exercise Prescription

How the Program Works

Step 1. Registration

Register Your Account, Fill Out New Client Form and Book First Appointment

In order for us to provide the safe and effective FDA approved treatments for weight loss, we need to learn your health history, life style and prior weight loss experience:

  1. Fill out the Anchor Medical Weight Loss Application Form.
  2. Once you finish the form, you may continue to book your first provider appointment online.

Anchor Medical Weight Loss Application Form

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Step 2. Build You Customized Plan

We will work together to build a treatment plan for you

  1. During your first in-office/online doctor appointment, we will work together with you: review your health history and lab results, answer all your questions, and develop a treatment plan customized only for you. We will also introduce the applicable diet and lifestyle options for you.
  2.  If you have any blood work done within the past year, you may bring them with you at your first appointment. You may also get the fasting blood work drawn at your first in-office provider visit or at any Labcorp near you.

Step 3. Just Do It

Experience the Treatment Effects

Your FDA approved weight loss medication treatment plan is so effective, that you will start to experience the change of your diet and the loose of your weight during the first week and month. It will also empower the change in lifestyle.

 We will be with you every step of the journey for a healthier and happier you.  .

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Step 4. Celebrate the Results

This is how you get back to being you: shedding off the weight, getting into the shape, breathing and exercising like you ever be!

Now let’s celebrate: Feeling good, looking better and do it again every day!