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Dr. Ying Liu

Dr. Ying Liu dedication to her patients is evident in her commitment to providing the highest quality care and achieving the best possible results. Her expertise in Aesthetic Treatments has earned her the prestigious title of Ambassador, a testament to her exceptional skills and dedication to excellence. Patients who have received aesthetic treatments from Dr. Ying have raved about their results, with many stating that their botox has never looked better. Dr. Ying’s passion for helping others look and feel beautiful shines through in her practice, making her a trusted and sought-after medical professional in the east coast region.
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About Anchor Beauty Center

Anchor Beauty Center offers the best treatments in aesthetics at the very best price.
We are one of the ONLY practices in Pittsburgh who offers Morpheus8 treatment.

Anchor Beauty is proud to say that due our high level of experience and delivering excellent results, we have earned the title of being The Ambassador of Pittsburgh for the Silhuouette Instalift

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