Eyes & Brows Lift

Eyes & Brows Lift

A eye threadlift is a fantastic choice for those who want to refresh their looking. Awakening the face’s appearance and giving it a touch of youthfulness are both easily accomplished with these quick and easy procedures.

Eyes & Brows Lift

The skin begins to droop and lose its elasticity as we get older. This causes drooping eyelids and sagging brows, which age and make a person look fatigued. In the past, the only way to mimic an eyelid or brow lift was through surgical facelift treatments. Even while they are still accessible today, more patients choose thread lift as a safer option.

Using absorbable PDO threads, Dr. Ying Liu provides non-surgical eyelid and brow lift procedures. Dr. Liu uses the most advanced PDO threads and the most recent thread lift technology to provide the patient elevated brows and wider, brighter-looking eyes.

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How Long Does the Recovery Take Following a Non-Surgical Eye & Eyebrow Lift?

In the first 24-48 hours, patients may have minor bruising and swelling. Refrain from touching or pressing on the region around your eyes and eyebrows. Within two weeks after the session, it is preferable to refrain from strenuous activity and to keep the treated regions out of high heat and pressure. During the session, further details will be covered in-depth about the recovery process as well as things to avoid.

How Do PDO Threads for Eyes & Eyebrows Work?

PDO threads are inserted under the skin, these threads ultimately raise and fix the patient’s sagging skin at the proper height. Dr. Liu’s non-surgical eye and brow lift techniques provide natural shapes that complement the patient’s face structure and give them a youthful look in just a few minutes.

Are there any possible Eye & Eyebrow Lift Side Effects or Complications that Can Occur?

Non-surgical eye and brow lifts are typically safe. The procedure has no significant adverse effects, however the patient might encounter typical ones including bruising, swelling, and soreness in the treated locations.

The majority of the time, these symptoms go away within a few days, but if they become worse or continue, please get in touch with us right away.


How Long Do Non-Surgical Eye & Eyebrow Lift Results Last For?

A non-surgical eye and brow lift often produces benefits that endure for many months to a few years. The body gradually dissolves and absorbs the PDO threads used. Every few months or years, patients are urged to visit us for touch-ups for your eye threadlift.

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