Silhouette Instalift

As we mature, signs of aging can be very visible in our mid-face area. Silhouette Instalift®, a type of thread face lift, may provide an effective non-invasive option for women and men who are seeking to restore a youthful appearance in combination with injectables and surgery.

THE FIRST ABSORBABLE SUTURE FDA-CLEARED, Silhuoutte Instalift has been FDA Cleared since 2015.ASK YOUR AESTHETIC PRACTITIONER for more information.

Silhouette Instalift

Silhouette Instalift

Before starting the procedure, we will explain you where the Silhouette InstaLift™ sutures will be placed using a marking pen.
We will inject a local anesthetic to make sure you don’t feel discomfort during your treatment. We then insert sutures under the skin and reposition the skin to obtain the desired lifting effect. The bi-directional cones of the sutures lift the skin and keep it in an elevated position.

The number of sutures we apply will depend on your skin laxity and cosmetic needs.

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How Do PDO Threads for Silhouette Instalift Work?

Silhouette Instalift® is a new non-surgical, in-office procedure that uses dissolving thread sutures applied deep to the skin to reduce the appearance of aging skin to the mid-face or jawline area. The procedure is performed by your physician in under 45 minutes.

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How Long Does the Recovery Take Following a Silhouette Instalift?

Directly after your treatment, you may experience some inflammation from the sutures, including minor pain, swelling and bruising. Although uncomfortable, the inflammation actually aids in restoring collagen back into your skin. You may have temporary plucking of the lifted skin.

We will provide you with post-treatment recommendations and an aftercare program to follow to ensure the best possible result.

You’ll notice that the lifting effect produced by Silhouette InstaLift™ is immediate. However, the collagen generation is more gradual. Over time, more and more collagen will grow, restoring the contours of your face and offering long-term results.

Are there any possible Silhouette Instalift Side Effects or Complications that Can Occur?

Silhouette InstaLift™ may cause swelling and bruising immediately after the procedure. Some of the other risks include infection, temporary nerve inflammation and asymmetry. We will discuss all of the risks with you during your consultation. 

Complications are rare, but if any symptoms do occur, please contact us right away.

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How Long Do Silhouette Instalift Results Last For?

On average, Silhouette InstaLift results last around 18 months, but this can depend on a number of factors. To help prolong your results, wear sunscreen, avoid deliberate tanning, don’t smoke and use the most appropriate skin care products to use for your skin type.

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